Our brand is the materialization of love. Love, so ether, tangible for the feelings it provokes  and for the emotions it awakens. The timeless symbols of stories of romance and passion that inspire us  and which we merge in eternal filigree pieces.

Our Story


Filigree with love is born from the communion  between the most ancient techniques of portuguese filigree and the romantic design inspired by portuguese customs and habits.

Our collection of legendary stories told through the hands of authentic artisans, who, through the secrets of this milenary technique, make us relive ancient amarous passions.

We reveal the finest details of these stories in our small pieces. nothing is random. Nothing is excess.


Everything is Filigree… With Love.

Our Collections


Is an exclusive Filigree Wtih Love creaton, inspired by one of the most beautiful and famous portuguese love stories, that of D. Pedro and D. Inês de Castro.


The flowers, symbols of beauty and happiness, are the star of this collection. Enriched with stone and enamel, they evoke the delicacy and charm of D. Filipa de Lencastre and her romance with D. João which serves as a backdrop.

How it's made


The origin of Filigree is unknown, but through its detail, it was probably inspired by a fairy tale in some enchanted place lost in time.

We know that it is a five thousand year old technique, perfected till today.  It is in Póvoa do Lanhoso, in the north of Portugal, that the art of working the delicate and intricate threads, has more expression. It is a minute and exclusively manual technique and a variety of applications that make filigree a beloved art adored by royalty and a symbol of richness and wealth.

Filigree with love incorporates this legacy and continues this tradition in its elaborate pieces, balancing detail and refinement.